Calendar: Tuesday 17 January 2023

Skills for wellness

Skill: the ability to do something to a good-enough level.

Some skills are always useful to have up your sleeve for any given situation or eventuality. Yet if you are focusing on a particular mission, or a particular aspect of your life, you will need to source and develop the right skills for the right task.

Below is an incomplete list that could be useful to you to consider. It might be worth making a note of which skills you believe you already have, and which ones need developing or improving. There will be plenty of skills that haven’t been mentioned on the list, so please do take this into account.

We will start with the one’s we’ve mentioned already…

Focus. Awareness. Attunement. Observing yourself neutrally. The ability to change. Listening. Logic. Critical thinking. Process of elimination. Exploring. Problem-solving. Looking for clues. Following a thread of inquiry. Organising. Exploring. Experimenting. Gathering information. Processing information. Interpreting. Memorising. Thinking outside the box. Thinking on your feet. Using your senses. Reflecting. Self-honesty. Trial and error. Insight building.