Calendar: Friday 20 January 2023

The art of reflection

If we are not reflecting on our experiences in life then we will be missing out on a whole treasure trove of information. So, let’s start to explore what this skill is all about…

Reflection: (i) to give serious and focused consideration to something (ii) an examination of one’s actions, feelings or thoughts (iii) an observation on what has transpired (iv) a willingness to experience and accept what is happening rather than ignoring, avoiding or denying it.

Most people who use reflective skills do so after an event. This is called reflecting on action. It involves looking back on something and discovering things that are useful to take with you into the future.

Once you become skilled at reflecting on action you are likely to be better able to reflect in action. This is where you get to use your awareness and respond to that awareness in real time.

Then there is reflecting before an action. If you know a little bit about what is likely to happen in the near future you can use this knowledge to alter what would have happened if you went into the happening cold and blind.

As for reflecting on reflections. Maybe we can save that for another time!