Calendar: Saturday 28 January 2023


A Kloppism - named after the football manager Jurgen Klopp - is a statement that is believed to be true (or as near to a truth as you are ever likely to get). It is a statement that doesn’t need to be debated or researched or evidence-based because it is strongly seen to be correct. It is also a statement that doesn’t tend to be spoken because it is so obvious, it is kind of taken for granted. Yet for our own wellness purposes we will be naming these Kloppisms.

During Klopp’s early interviews with English journalists he often repeated the following phrases: “We know this,” and, “This is how it is.”

For us to say ‘we know this’ about any subject could be a valuable pin in the mapping of ourselves and our world. We are saying this is what we know. And, in turn, we are also saying this is what we don’t know – i.e. everything that is left out of what we know. There are things that we know, things that we don’t know, and there are also things in the middle that we might know or we might not know, depending on how much more information we get or don’t get.

Knowing what is and what isn’t, knowing how things are and how they are not, as well as not knowing either way, gives us an edge, a boundary, a limit to our understanding. Being able to define where gaps of knowledge are in our lives can be of great help us to. And while it is unlikely that we will ever be able to get all the pieces of a picture together with any certainty, striving for greater clarity is very much a part of the essence of our wellness.