Wellness Calendar: Sunday 29 January 2023

Crafting your own narrative

As part of the human condition we make sense of ourselves and the world around us through the telling of stories. Everyone has a tale to tell and everyone goes about the telling in different ways.

A healthy narrative for each person will no doubt be constantly changing, reacting to the endless stream of information that is coming at us: shaping our story and re-shaping it into bundles of understandable and meaningful entities, which can then be further explored and crafted through sharing it with other people.

We are, according to the psychology professor, Dan McAdams, our very own myth-making machines. We have the power to dictate our own stories. We are all composers of our own lives.

Knowing how important telling our story is to our wellness, can we devote the time to keeping on top of the ever-evolving story that is us?