Calendar: Sunday 8 January 2023

Observing yourself neutrally

With awareness and attunement comes a wealth of information.
When you gather material about yourself that will (hopefully) help to expand your wellness – please (please, please, please) treat it as neither positive nor negative. Instead you might want to see this new-found knowledge only in terms of how useful it is to you.

If you do not like yourself. If you tend to punish yourself or be hard on yourself. If you have low self-esteem - there is a risk that you might use this knowledge against yourself. This will be the very opposite of wellness. This will create un-wellness. To prevent this from happening see if you can render all information about yourself as neutral.

Just as you might discover that the rings of Saturn are made up of bits of broken moons, so might you work out (as a random example) that you have been trying to please your parents all your life (rather than yourself). There’s no need to blame yourself for not working this out sooner. Instead you can take this neutral piece of information and simply use it to veer off in a different (healthier) direction in your life.