Previous SD workshop feedback

“I feel that my time with Self Detective has given me a toolkit of questions which I can revisit when I’m stressed.”

“The facilitator has given me the confidence to talk openly about my hopes and fears.”

“I was frightened of talking about myself, but Self Detective as a format gave me a supportive environment to share.”

“I value the opportunity Self Detective has given me.”

“There should be more Self Detective courses so that other people can benefit from this support.”

“Self Detective is great for men to talk openly about how they feel.”

“I felt the environment was safe and nurturing and I felt able to open up and talk about anything that was on my mind, knowing I wouldn’t be judged and would be listened to and what I had to say would be accepted.”

“I feel major benefits from the group sessions and love the idea of developing further sessions.”

“I will use all of the tools/techniques to move forward but will not feel guilty or ashamed if I need to ask for help.”

“I feel a mutual respect within the group.”

“The whole 6 weeks has been great.”

“Lovely group and mentors – all friendly and non-judgmental. I now have the tools to be able to work on myself.”

“I can feel a change in all of us: happier, brighter, all feeling more hopeful.”

“Cheers very much.”

“The [coping strategy] session happened at just the right time: as people felt comfortable to open up and share and learn from each other.”

“I have felt better each week.”

“This course has been a great help.”

“Feeling very positive and much better at the end of the session than I did at the start.”

“Without knowing what was involved in each of the sessions, I found them very interesting. Combining life experience with the collective knowledge of the group has helped me understand myself better. I have made progress in my “here and now” awareness.”

“You have really thrown open the door.”

“Good to have the opportunity to reflect on life and re-focus on what is important.’

“I will take a lot back with me.”

“It really helped me to understand everyone is different and to understand everyone works in different ways.”

“It was very interesting looking at change in others. It is harder to evaluate myself.”

“More than met my expectations. Felt that I could fully relate the content to my work and personal life.”

“Far more fun and interesting than I thought it would be.”

“It was different to what I expected: less serious, more open, honest, productive, helpful, insightful.”

“I found it really helpful and has given me lots of food for thought.”

“Open and honest conversations with good group discussions.”

“I enjoyed this session very much. I felt that it highlighted some personal lessons I have learned and what I can do, going forward, to tackle issues more quickly.”

“I think this should be given to all staff as it opens up discussions that are very useful.”

“I found it very interesting: really made me think about my own problems and what I need to do.”
“This was very good and structured, really enjoyed it and plenty to take away and think about.”

“Need to encourage more people to attend this – valuable info and discussions for use in all aspects of life.”

“Taking part in this workshop was interesting and made me think about re-evaluating aspects of my life.”

“Good that everyone was willing to share.”

“Really liked how comfortable the course was, as I was anxious about this… Everybody felt comfortable speaking their minds.”

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