Privacy Policy

Our aim is a simple one. To improve the wellness of each and every person. There is nothing more important to us than wellness.

We want your experience of being on this website and having communications with us to be positive, safe and nurturing. So please be aware that our website does not collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) nor does it contain any adverts.

We do, however, collect data that helps us to get an impress of our visitors, collectively: what areas of the website are being accessing: the internal links used, areas that are clicked on, the scrolling of pages and the amount of time spent in certain locations.

We do this through cookies (see our cookies policy) and through the use of Google Analytics (GA). GA also gives us an indication of things such as the age ranges of people who access our site as well as their general geographical information.

It is important to stress that you do have a choice as to whether or not you accept or reject these cookies.

It may also be important to know that we do not share this information. Instead we use it to improve our service – to find out what is working well and what is not. Put simply, we know how to aggregate information that can help improve people’s wellness. What we don’t know is how best to convey this information to you so that you can use it effectively.

When it comes to signing up to our free ‘My Self Detective’ portal, you are asked to include your email address. We will use this address to communicate new aspects of Self Detective to you, in the form of a newsletter and the like. The hope is that people who engage with Self Detective, who see themselves as their own Self Detective, will, in turn, view the engagements that we make with them as building up a notion of a community – that they are part of something bigger than their own wellness: a universal wellness movement.

We hope that in time our visitors will feel comfortable enough with us as to provide feedback and answer surveys that really show us what your (collective) needs are and how they needs can be met. This includes people who have self-subscribed, those signing up to ‘My Self Detective’ and events on our Eventbrite page, as well as customers of our shop.

Please note that you can unsubscribe from these communications at any time.

We hope the above information gives you enough knowledge to make your own informed consent.

You can contact our data protection worker via email at:

Please be aware that as we collect information about visitors to our site we are known as the controller. As we use Google Analytics, Google is recognised as being our data processor.