Calendar: Friday 13 January 2023

The power of the voice

Having a voice and using that voice is one of the most powerful and healthy things we can do for ourselves.

We don’t know exactly why it is so important to have a voice, just as it can be harmful to not use our voice when we need to. Perhaps the mantra ‘better out than in’ holds the key? What we do know is that there is a great difference between thinking or feelings something internally and getting it out into the external world.

A voice doesn’t need to be solely about the spoken word. Dance and movement, for example, can also help us to express ourselves, the same with writing and drawing, moulding and shaping, to name but a few vehicles of communication.

Would it be useful for you to truly find your voice in whatever platform suits you best – and find out what it is you really want or need to say?

In counselling terms this is called ‘externalising the internal’.