Wellness Calendar: Monday 15 January


The you that gets angry is a different persona to the you that is sad, which in turn is set apart from the you, say, that is reading a stimulating book or the you that is absorbed in a physical task.

We call these different parts to us mini-me’s, although you can call them whatever you like. In counselling circles, they are sometimes known as sub-personalities or configurations of the self.

If you take the time to become attuned to them, you can discover all sorts of weird and wonderful aspects to yourself, all of which may have something useful to say to your main-me. A strong mini-me’s can help us when we are feeling weak. A past mini-me might hold the key to our future wellness. There might also be some mini-me’s that are difficult to get on with and which might need some help to be healed or forgiven.

Mapping out our mini-me’s could be an exercise that, in the long run, harmonises our collective self and reduces internal conflicts. Also, if there ends up being a few mini-me’s you bond with, how cool is that?

Here are some random examples to get you started…

Angry-me. Calm-me. Sad-me. Jolly-me. Scared-me. Fearful-me. Fearless-me. Loud-me. Quiet-me. Wise-Tiger-me. Silly-Sausage-me. Thoughtful-me. Thoughtless-me. Cold-me. Action-me. Can’t-Be-Bothered-me. Alert-me. Tired-me. Musical-me. Silent-me. Aggressive-me. Peaceful-me. Regretful-me Traumatised-me. Resilient-me. Healed-me. Jealous-me. Shameful-me. Toxic-me. Strong-me. Inner-Child-me. Inner-Parent-me. Spiritual-me. Profane-me. Passionate-me. Extraordinary-me.