Calendar: Saturday 21 January 2023

Process work

Any suffering that hasn’t been dealt with will keep coming to the surface in some way, either through physical or mental illness, or both. We might call this unfinished business. Neither the body or the mind wants to have this toxicity within its system. Periodic hurt and pain remind us that we need to deal with our suffering once and for all.

A process is a series of steps or actions needed to produce an outcome.

The process that is required to overcome suffering tends to be the same whatever intervention is being used, whether it is through talking or being creative and expressive, or with a somatic activity, or a neuro-science approach. (i) The suffering will need to be recalled from the back of the brain to the forefront of the brain (ii) at this point the intervention takes place, so that the suffering - now in focus - can be processed/ dissipated to point where the body no longer needs to keep hold of it (iii) the business is now complete.

For anyone struggling with any kind of trauma, abuse, adversity, etc, we trust that you can take comfort and hope from knowing that people do recover and heal if they are able to find a process that works for them.