Wellness Calendar: Friday 19 January


Insight: to gain a deep understand of something

You are the expert of you. No one knows you better than you do. And yet, like any good expert, there is so much more you can learn to improve yourself. This is where other experts come into the frame. Over the past 100 years many people have become pretty knowledgeable on certain subjects within their own field of learning. We can make good use of their learning. We can match what they know about the human condition with what we know about ourselves and come up with some of our own ‘a-ha’ moments.

John Bowlby’s attachment theory, for example, has generated loads of a-ha moments for so many people. The same can be said of Alice Millar’s The Drama of Being a Child; Eric Berne’s Games People Play; Elizabeth Kübler-Ross’ On Death and Dying, to name but a few.

Yet insights do not come solely from knowledge. They also come from living our life, from our interactions with people, from ourselves. We can have a eureka moment anytime, anyplace, anywhere – so long as we are open to receiving it.

The more we know, the more we can understand; the more we can understand the more we know. It is a process that keeps on giving; a cycle made for wellness and fueled by wellness.

Would it be useful to reflect on any insights you have so far? Where did each of them come from? How did they develop? (Some insights will no doubt have taken years to crystallise).