Calendar: Monday 2 January 2023

Making a start

Start: something happening; something coming into being.

Many people do not engage with their own wellness because they don’t know where to start. Yet surely it doesn’t matter where you start, just so long as you make a start!

Here are some suggestions as possible starting points…

Start with the past. Start with the present. Start with the future. Start with your thoughts. Start with your feelings. Start with your actions. Start with your body. Start by telling your story. Start by hearing other people’s story. Start with what you know. Start with what you don’t know. Start with a question. Start with an answer. Start with what makes you well. Start with what makes you unwell. Start with a thread of an inquiry. Start with a puzzle. Start with an unmade decision. Start with some unfinished business. Start with a mission. Start with a goal.

Wherever your journey takes you, you’ll eventually get to where you want to be. So long as you stay focused on the task at hand you will be able to make the necessary connections and arrive at your destination,
even if you didn’t know exactly what that destination was going to be.

All roads lead to Rome.