Calendar: Sunday 22 January 2023

Tools for wellness

Since no one can be somebody else’s wellness guru, no one else can say exactly what tools you’ll need for your journey. What follows are mere suggestions - in the hope that the list will inspire you, rather than limit you. So, even though we won’t be mentioning moon rocks as a possible tool, there is nothing to stop people using them if it works for them. Conversely, just as some people will not need many tools – a pen and paper or a mobile phone might be enough to do the job – others may need a whole host of equipment and materials.

Pen. Pencil. Blank Paper. Writing paper. Graph paper. Tracing paper. Envelope. Paint brush. Paint. Glue. Glitter. Clay. Stencils. Compass. Ruler. Computer. iPad. Dictaphone. Mobile phone. Notebook. Scrapbook. Self-help books. Self-development books. Personal development books. Psychological and emotional well-being books. Questions. Concepts. Quotes. Case studies. Self-awareness exercises. Internet. TV. Radio. A change of scenery. A den. A study. A retreat. A journey. A move. Music & sound. Musical instruments. Music streaming. Songs. Records. Silence. Non-fiction films. Fiction films. Plays. Art exhibitions. A friend. A family member. A counsellor/therapist. Co-counselling. A life coach. A support group. A psycho-educational workshop. A mirror. Dance. Movement. Nature. Treats. More treats. Coping strategies (More of which in February).

More importantly - what might you need?